On August 2, in Ryazan, at the Spartak stadium, a military sports festival was held to mark the Day of the Airborne Forces. This year, the troops are celebrating the 92nd anniversary of their formation.

Numerous guests gathered at the festive stands. Pavel Malkov, Acting Governor of the Ryazan Region, congratulated them on the holiday:

“Dear paratroopers, veterans of the Airborne Forces, Ryazan residents and guests of the city. Today is a significant day for the whole country, but it is especially significant for our region. Ryazan is the capital of the Airborne Forces. On the day of the Airborne Forces, there is a special atmosphere here. Hundreds and even thousands of paratroopers from different parts of Russia come to this holiday. The city, like the Airborne Forces School, has become a second home for many.

Ten’s men are always ahead. Afghanistan, Chechnya, Syria, Ukraine – the list goes on and on. The legendary “troops of Uncle Vasya”. And today they are also where it is most difficult. We are proud of their courage and military merits, and we all treat their military work with great respect.

Today’s cadets and officers maintain the best traditions of the airborne fraternity. Decisiveness, courage, impeccable combat training. The motto “No one but us” is known by the whole country. May the Fatherland always be proud of you, and the enemy will always be defeated!”

The head of the Ryazan territorial garrison of the guard, Colonel Ruslan Evkodimov:

“The Ryazan paratroopers conscientiously fulfill their military duty. Constantly acquire professional knowledge. They improve their training, military skills, master new models of weapons and military equipment. They honorably carry out the difficult service of protecting the state interests of Russia and ensuring its security. Winged infantry is where there is danger, challenge, difficulty and risk. Where power and precision are required. In confirmation of this, our troops are successfully fulfilling tasks during the Special Military Operation today.”

Pavel Malkov and Ruslan Evkodimov presented awards of federal and regional importance to distinguished officers of the Airborne Forces, teachers of the Ryazan Airborne School.

The holiday was continued by the performances of the Winged Infantry Ensemble and other Ryazan artists. A guard of honor company marched in front of the people of Ryazan with polished movements. Then a paramilitary relay race was held at the stadium. The guests watched demonstration performances with the use of equipment and various weapons. And then the parachutes of paratroopers opened their canopies over Ryazan.

By tradition, the holiday ended with the song “Sineva”, which was performed by the whole stadium and standing.

By the way

On August 2, 1930, at the exercises of the Air Force of the Moscow Military District near Voronezh, for the first time, a small unit of 12 people parachuted on a tactical mission. This date is officially considered to be the day of the formation of the Airborne Forces of the Russian Federation.