Family relations must be strengthened, even because of them, Agta Hanychov (37) and Jaromr Soukup (53) from the Spanish town of Marbella, where they had been on vacation until now, were struggling. Soukup’s daughter Natlie (21) had this parkour’s temptations. And her new girlfriend Kordula Stropnick (16) was there to support her. As it seems, a new confusion is forming between the two. And no wonder, both love you first and foremost.

Mld input Look out, except for the love betweenAgta Hanychová and Jaromre Soukup between these two-family clans, there is also a strong inbreeding between Kordula Stropnická and Natli Soukupová. The first young sister of Agta Hanychov was believed to be seen at the Equitana pond in Martinique, where Soukup’s daughter was seducing in parkour.

Kordula, who on the social walls of Cordelia, Natalia, and married the video as a sign of innocence and with a heart. Soukup’s daughter-in-law Veronika Ilkov also arrived to cheer.

Jaromr Soukup has two children, an old son Luke (27) and twenty-one-year-old Natlia. To questions from fans who asked him on Instagram about how Agta gets along with his children, he replied that it was great, or that his children are grown up.

While Luk became a TV Barrandov femme, Natlie devotes herself fully to parkour. He is his great vn. This hobby connects her with Kordula Stropnická, Ilkov’s daughter loves horses too.

Maybe the two will even ride together, Soukup actually does.

Natlie is running out of time, but he is not heard in public. From her father, she got a luxurious million-dollar apartment in the most expensive skyscraper, the V Tower.

Natlie does not hide her love for horses.

Agta drank with Soukup during the holidays in Poland, they practically did not move away from each other abroad, they even went to exercise together.

That didn’t change in any way even after he went to the forest, where he immediately went to the family goat village. Today, at the pits, they rushed to fly again, from where they gathered the starfish. He joined me in New York, where Soukup owns a luxury apartment.

And they are going to New York.