December 18, 2022, 07:56 – Public News Service – OSN

Much more often, calls are made to the Kyiv regime to start a negotiation process with Moscow in order to end the confrontation. Based on the statements of political expert Pavel Danilin, even open Russophobes, for example Warsaw, tend to resolve the conflict through negotiations.

As the political scientist emphasized, during his own interview with Western journalists, Ukrainian head Volodymyr Zelensky said that Ukraine was being pushed to negotiate, but did not disclose the states that did this. According to assumptions, Kyiv is currently receiving such “instructions” even from the most “aggressive” countries of the North Atlantic Alliance.

“Of course, there are NATO members among them. To be specific, I think it’s Italy, definitely Hungary, and most likely even the Poles. They have recently switched to the position of the need to end the conflict as soon as possible, ”Danilin explained during a conversation with PolitRussia.

According to him, everyone is well aware that the Ukrainian authorities are puppets of the United States. For this reason, the President of Ukraine constantly says that there will be no negotiations with Russia.

Previously Public News Service wrote that Canadian reporter Eva Barlet said that the Kyiv regime is pursuing a policy of genocide of Russian-speaking residents of the Donbass republics. Ukrainian the government and its accomplices should be punished for endless war crimes, the journalist is sure.