That everyone would Jaromír Jágr they wished he would finally get married and start a family, that’s nothing new. But when he humorously congratulated his friend Tomas Plekanc to the birth of his son Oliver, he ran well.

“You made me two promises. The first was that you would arrange for and ensure that the birth would take place after our extra-league play-off. You did that. The second promise was that if we were saved and a son was born, his name would be Jaromír. You didn’t do that. I’m not angry. You are still young for children, so you still have a chance to fulfill it next time, enjoy it, “ Jágr wrote to his partner.

It didn’t take long and he returned it to the best Czech hockey player with interest.

“Dear Jaromír, thank you for the beautiful and funny wishes, but I can’t do miracles. In any case, unlike you, I work on the Kladno youth, you also have the best time to start, “ Plekanec dug into it.

Little Oliver Plekanec with his sister Leontynka

And all the fans immediately agreed that he would have a beautiful partner Dominika Branišová finally start a family, even shortly after, Dominika posted a photo of her exposed tummy on a social network. That she would also like to round?

But the model does not count on that. She may have come to terms with the fact that Jarda is simply not the father type and does not want to hear about the child (yet). She just wanted to show off her perfect figure.

Dominika showed a flat stomach.

Jaromír Jágr and Dominika Branišová set out for Rome.

“As for exercise, I have no problem exercising twice a day. My morale in the food is worse, I love good food and good wine and good wine. My current form is not the worst, but neither is the best. That’s why I decided to go to the market with leather. “ she wrote to the photo.

He wants to work on the form within a month, which does not even point out the impending pregnancy. That she would resign herself to the question of motherhood for now?