The Colombian diva has received a new love proposal. Who is she about?

a fan of Shakira has gone beyond the limits of obsession and decided to try his luck by reaching the door of his mansion in the city of Barcelona, ​​Spain, to let him know all the love he feels for the Colombian artist.

The person who came to Shakira’s house was nothing more and nothing less than to ask her to marry him. This declaration of love from this unknown character who only placed the name of Alex as a signature, he left the following message to Shakira:

“I love you beautiful woman, I come here for you my love, I am ready to marry you and support you.” The messages were written on the entrance floor of the house dated June 19, 2022.

So far Shakira has not spoken out for or against the messages they have left, but many fans are expressing that these actions should not be romanticized, since this action is classified as harassment and could be severely punished by the law.

Shakira announced his separation with Pique a few weeks ago, so from now on she is one of the most coveted single women in the world.