After kate middleton future Queen consort of the United Kingdom, asserted that the prince william now he is not very detailed with her and that he does not expect anything from him for this February 14, the Princess has received a huge bouquet of flowers from a mysterious man, who was present when she gave the controversial confession.

In recent days, the Wale’s princess He has starred in various portals of different media, after confessing that William is now a husband who does not pay attention to detail. Kate’s statement has reignited rumors of a potential marital crisis, but other than that, she’s gotten a little comfort from another man.

Kate was in a renowned flower shop in the city of London at the time of giving the harsh confession of the father of his three children. But what she did not expect was to receive a huge bouquet of roses from the man to whom she confessed the dark appearance of her husband.

This mysterious man would be the owner of the flower shop, who would not have hesitated for a single second to give a huge bouquet of roses to the Princess of Welsh, whose gesture made him get a beautiful smile with which he could hide his sadness a little.

Meanwhile, the prince william He has not commented on what his wife Kate Middleton said about him, but sources close to the British royal family say the couple have been very busy with charity work at the United Kingdom.