Director Vít Klusák (42) has demonstrated many times that he is capable of anything. In a positive but also a negative sense of the word. He is currently riding a wave of goodness, having taken up the fight for better conditions for poultry raised for meat. In this context, he mentions the phenomenon of so-called fast chickens.

Although bred poultry grow abnormally fast, they often do so in substandard conditions, despite the fact that they suffer great pain and other health problems due to genetic modifications.

Animal defenders have therefore launched the Fast Chickens campaign, which draws attention to the suffering of chickens raised for meat on Czech farms. A number of well-known personalities and influencers took part in it.

Quick chickens are overbred and will suffer all their lives.

A singer, for example, published videos in support of the campaign on social networks Marta Jandováactors Hynek Čermák, Vladimír Polívka, Václav Neužil, actresses Jana Plodková, Olga Plojhar, Michaela Tomešová, Veronika Čermák Macková and influencer Martina Třešňáková.

Director Vít Klusák seized the opportunity to remind the public, who might have already forgotten his previous actions, and wrote a call on the social networks of the Lidl retail chain. She is interested in whether the chain plans to stop selling fast chicken.

Vít Klusák made himself known some time ago in Lubomír Volné’s election staff.

Unfortunately, in that context, he did not mention whether the mentioned chain is the only one that sells such chickens in the Czech Republic. If not, the question arises whether other market players have sent the same question.

Otherwise, the representatives of Lidl could feel entitled to be affected, and Klusák would thus classify the participation in the Rychlokuřata campaign among the less successful ones, of which there is no need to be proud, they should only make him visible and show him as someone who cares about the good of society and of all people.

After all, he demonstrated this, for example, in the moments when he chased Andrej Babis Jr. or when he lured thousands of pensioners to a non-existent hypermarket and then laughed at them.