Leo Mare (45), Michal David (61) or MIG 21 in the lead with Jim Machke (55). These are the most common names of performers who are created for a corporate party. Nova TV chose this option and certainly did not regret it. The frontman of the band will not spoil the day and will definitely not rush home. But this time it was pretty short.

What do you get rid of are not the organizers of corporate attitudes to be more creative and creative. Don’t risk an unknown band or performer, you’d better bet for sure. One of them is MIG 21 s Jim Machkem in her.

She didn’t have a party without him New at the Karln Forum, where selected television stars adorned and entertained business partners and gave guests and a patina musical backdrop was not enough. After that, the band MIG 21 played their concert, Machek took a moment to go. He rubbed himself pretty much on the ground.

As for verek, you can count on Ji Machek to stop.

After spreading the celebrations of Jiho Bartoka’s 75th birthday with Ivan Trojan so that the street was small and they took a taxi, they apparently did not want to be the star of the wet again.

Ivan Trojan was fatally brought to the tram island.

He also made it clear to the photographers present, when he first looked at them strangely, then raised his hand and dramatically pulled the means so that it would be clear …

Ji Machek was at the Nova pracovn party, MIG 21 performed at the event.

To the festival in Karlovy Vary, where the singer and the actor can break up, but go the rest of the class, and so he will certainly get in shape and in the right mood, so that he can start for a change with the management of Czech television.