Before rejoicing with a slight cold snap and thunderstorms, the weather forecasters decided to upset us a little: first, it will get a little warmer.

But this is still nonsense compared to the temperature records set by the heat in Europe this summer: in Spain, the thermometer readings in the shade reached +45 °, in Portugal – +47 °, and British meteorologists completely updated the historical maximum temperature: it hit +40°. So we are pretty modest.

“Today + 29 °, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow – + 30 … + 31 °, which is much higher than even the July norm. Thunderstorms will cover the capital on Sunday. During this period, an active atmospheric front will break through into Central Russia. Precipitation in its zone will not be too intense, but after the frontal section, cool Atlantic air will begin to enter the Russian Plain. This means that the heat will recede, and the temperature regime will approach the average long-term values,” informs Center “Phobos” on the site “Meteovest”.

Comfortable summer weather will set in next week – + 22 … + 24 °, almost without rain.