After a deep marital crisis was made public that the King Charles III of United Kingdom suffered with his wife, the Queen consort Camilla Parker, The British monarch has made a series of decisions that aim to improve the image of the royal family and adapt it to current standards.

Through some articles published a few days ago by various media, it was announced that the King Charles III and Camila Parker went through a major marital crisis on their 13th anniversary, where they were on the verge of divorcing and completely moving away from their respective lives.

However, the couple was able to solve the problems they were going through, and to this day, they are still together and now they are preparing for the official coronation that Carlos III will have as the new king of the United Kingdom in the month of May.

and it is in that event, where Carlos III has taken a series of forceful decisions whose purpose is to modernize the coronation ceremony and not make it so old-fashioned and long.

Some of the new decisions, is not to wear the long silk suit for the ceremony. For his part, he will use the Military suit that he has used in most of his events, he is also planning to shorten the ceremony and not make it so long, in order to cut costs and show that the royals are adapting to the needs of their people.

Another of the changes that there will be is that his two children, the prince william and the Prince Harry, they will no longer have to bow down to him and swear allegiance to him. Something that if we analyze well, it would be very good for Harry, who is currently fighting with his father and with the other members of the royal family.

And you, do you agree with the new decisions that the King Charles III?