That day, Kateina Broov (54) was busy. From morning to evening she did not stop and the house drank in the dark. She spent the day preparing for a press conference on Night at Karltejn, after which she went to the center of Prague for an important meeting.

It’s admirable whatKateina Broovin one day he will make it and look great. The center will hold a press conference to the popularity and last but not least of the musical Night at Karltejn The new scn at Obansk Plovrn, when most guests and VIP TV moved home, the actress’ working day definitely didn’t go away.

Ever since she founded the agency on the basis of cultural events, both managerial and organizational responsibilities have been acting beyond the scope of acting.

After a business meeting at a sushi restaurant, Kateina Broov said goodbye and hurried home.

After saying goodbye and thanking her for her, about eight o’clock in the evening, Broov went to the center of Prague. In one sushi restaurant she had a meeting with a business partner.

In the necessary need, the couple talked to light people, but lovers of romantic troubles have a pity, they were a meeting people who work together and do business. Water was drunk at the food, and apart from smv, there was nothing to say otherwise.

After a press conference on Night at Karltejn’s Scn on Obansk swimming, Kateina Broov attended a business meeting at a sushi restaurant.

After about two hours, they left the restaurant, outside Broov and his business partner shook hands and said goodbye. Sweat at the popular actress and new man the manager headed towards her home.