Much has been said about Aespa since its inception, be it because of its unique concept, its visuals, or simply because of the incredible talent of its members. On May 11, a netizen took to an online community forum to discuss this possibility and posted a message titled “wow. It must be true that Aespa is going to add a new member“.

In the post, it is mentioned that there are rumors that a trainee named ara will join aespa. However, said trainee created a Instagramwhich led many to believe that he had left SM-Entertainment.

There were rumors that someone named Ara would join [aespa] since last year, but she created an Instagram account after leaving SM. But earlier this year, she had to cut him out and return to SM.“wrote the netizen.

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The Internet user included a short video clip from YouTube of Winter during a radio interview. In the clip, the aespa member is heard saying: “Now with the ae of a new person…“, then she was surprised by her own words and did not finish the sentence.

This generated speculation about the incorporation of Ara to the group, which opens the possibility that more members will be included in aespa. Some even speculated that they would add three more members to spell Kwangya, being karina the K, Winter the W, none the N and Giselle the G