My love. Obas and Viktor sing songs from Tom Bezdeda in the car. The long-term Vikiho trp, es nm never give such a jack from Hnho dance, as I put my belly with Pea Modrovsky, the moderator started her funny post. But the important thing is that thanks to the relationship with them, I am the one who liked my husband. Also, thank you again for everything and Viki and I will always keep our fingers crossed.

While Adela Vinczeov sat on the jury in the dance show, her husband Viktor Vincze moderated the show, the singer Tom Bezdeda conducted interviews in skulis and tanenk and choreographer Peter Modrovsk was in charge of the dance.

We have a beautiful period with Lets Dance and it gave me a lot of joy from the people in the dark. Thank you very much not only for this. Pedevm reisrovi Pepe Majeskmu. But you probably wouldn’t be afraid of this photo. Most importantly, let’s know how you look. Yeah, a jet. These mui brought me more music, more dance, into my life. m vs enriched or former partners? she added.

Adela Banov and Viktor Vincze got engaged after a little plurality of knowledge on Valentine’s Day 2017 in front of TV cameras. The news editor surprised his girlfriend, but in the end she agreed. They married in lt tho year. Banov, before the wedding, revealed that she would marry Manel’s name.

Her previous partner was tanenk and choreographer Peter Modrovsk. The couple met in Lets Dance, which the moderator first married and then danced with Modrovsky. They broke up in 2015 after a seven-year relationship.

The moderator’s previous relationships failed mainly due to medial pressure. The young singer Tom Bezdeda did not bear her fame, she got together with him during the Slovak SuperStar, which she moderated and he was like a contestant.