It has been speculated in the corridors for a long time. They exchanged emoticons in love on social networks and “liked” each other’s photos. Now the singer Adam Mišík (25) has officially confirmed that he is forming a couple with the beautiful Natália Jirásková (17), the daughter of the model and presenter Iva Kubelková (45). Sexy cat Adam supported at a recent concert for Karel Gott! According to Expres, the family has already met!

“Iva’s mother sanctified their love, even though Natálka is not yet of legal age,” informed us some time ago a credible source who has to Natália Jirásková i Adam Mišík very close.

Even though their relationship is very fresh, Adam and Natalie seem to be really serious.

According to information from Expres, there was already to be an official introduction of Adam to his mother Iva. “They were all at the event together, just kisses and touches, Mom was sitting close to them and she had no problem with that,” revealed the source of Express.

The singer confirmed his relationship with the young beauty after Sunday’s concert for Karel Gott at the O2 arena, where he performed.

“We are together for a short time and it is very fresh. But yes, we go together. “ he said for the diary lightning Mišík, whom his new girlfriend watched closely during the concert.

Natálie Jirásková

The beautiful Natálie recorded Adam’s show on her mobile phone. She later cast the videos on her Instagram, where Iva Kubelková’s daughter otherwise usually brags about her perfect body.

Natalka is a cat!

As for Adam Mišík, he has had several failed relationships. The couple formed, for example, with beautiful models Denisa Spergerová and Diana Kratochvílová.

The latter in particular, who allegedly kicked Mišík because she has only a basic education, is very similar to Natalia in some ways.

Adam Mišík with Diana Kratochvílová

We can only hope that this time it will turn out better for Adam …