January 6, 2023, 15:25 – Public News Service – OSN

Not appearing on January 4 at the performance and not getting in touch for two days actress Tatyana Kravchenko, known to the viewer on the series “Matchmakers”, made itself felt. It is reported by Starhit.

The directors were forced to urgently look for a replacement for the actress to participate in the production of “The Highlight of the Season, or All Tickets Are Sold”, which nevertheless took place at the Palace of Arts in the Leningrad Region.

It was possible to contact Kravchenko only two days later. Before that, she did not answer calls.

“Everything is fine with Tatyana Eduardovna, we are in touch with her. On January 10, according to the schedule, she plays in the play “Marriage”, and on January 17 she will take the stage in the production of “Under the Same Roof,” the Lenkom press service comments.

At the same time, the theater refused to give explanations about the reasons for the disappearance of Kravchenko.

Earlier it was reported that friends and colleagues of the star of the series “Matchmakers” Tatyana Kravchenko are concerned about the sudden disappearance of the actress. On January 4, she was supposed to play a role in the entreprise “The Highlight of the Season, or All Tickets Are Sold” at the Palace of Arts in the Leningrad Region, but did not arrive, unexpectedly disappeared for everyone and stopped communicating.

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