Yeo Jin Goo Y Cho Yi-hyun reunited to appear on the latest episode of Yongjin’s Health Center to promote his upcoming film titled «Ditto«, which will be released on November 16. In the middle of the interview the actor was caught in a difficult decision to choose between two of his closest friends.

During promotion for the sci-fi romance, Yeo Jin Goo was asked, “If you get missed calls from two people, who will you call first?» putting artists as individuals UI Y Jungkook of btsboth good friends of the actor.

For her part, the female artist co-starred with Jin Goo in the acclaimed drama «Luna Hotel«, who took their chemistry and good relationship off screen becoming good friends behind the scenes.

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On the other hand, the K-Pop boy group member and actor have maintained a friendship for a long time, that they have even been seen sending each other trucks of food and coffee during your projects to show your support

Although this choice is not easy to make, Jin Goo managed to get his answer quickly, due to the Korean culture, which instills respect for others. greater. So IU would be the chosen one. However, the interviewer wanted to make it a little more difficult for the actor.

Yong Jin asked him to choose by removing the idea of ​​respect, but the choice of Jin Goo did not change, since he sees the singer as a sisterand I think the most correct thing would be to call his sister before his friend.

Despite their close relationship, Jungkook would probably have made the same decision as the actor, taking into consideration his love and admiration for IU.