Important actor who was struggling for a long time to be the double of the singer Jimin of bts, He has passed away after undergoing multiple surgeries on his face.

The singers of the famous group of kpop, BTS, always try to be an example for their followers in terms of their personality, way of dressing, and somehow manage to inspire with their songs; however, one or another fan tries so hard to be like them that they end up making serious mistakes.

Through the renowned newspaper Daily Mail The tragic death of a person has been known, who, like so many in the world, are always looking to equal or be completely identical to their favorite celebrities. This would be the case of a famous Canadian actor who, in his desire to be aesthetically equal to the BTS idol, his desire did not turn out as planned.

He April 23rd confirmed the death of Saint Von Coluccifamous Canadian actor from 22 years that after undergoing multiple surgeries on his face, he was infected by a dangerous bacteria in the operating room that caused his death.

In his desire to look like Jimin, the actor would have modified his nose, his jaw, he underwent a facelift, in addition to being operated on for an eye and eyebrow lift, lip reduction, among others, which completed more than twelve delicate surgeries in his face.

His representative expressed himself very sad about what happened: “He was very insecure about his appearance. He had a very square jaw and chin and he didn’t like the shape because he thought she was too wide and he wanted a V shape, the shape many Asians have.“Said the source who was in charge of sharing the news.

For now, no BTS singer has referred to the issue, but surely they will not feel good to learn of the unfortunate fact that moves the world of entertainment.