You said you were a soul backstage. What does it mean?
(thinks for a long time) The setters go to the theater first, because their task is to set the stage. They have to know theater from screw to move … I meant it as a metaphor. I started with the theater just as a backstage in Karlovy Vary. I really enjoyed watching the actors from behind the scenes. It was actually a preparation for a future career. I don’t know if I understand acting, but I dare say that I understood scenery well at the time. Some colleagues, especially at the beginning of my acting career, complained that it was difficult for me, because during the play I checked how the decoration was built and if the lights were on well. (Laughs)

I definitely wouldn’t want to be a budding actor today. Among other things, they face much more competition than we once did.

Ondřej Pavelkaactor

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