The Taganrog administration summed up the results of the first stage of the All-Russian charitable action “Under the flag of Good”, which is being held in our city for the 15th time. Irina Golubeva, deputy head of the city administration for social issues, recalled that over the previous 14 years, charitable assistance for treatment was provided to 716 children for a total of almost 56 million rubles.

Last year, during the next fourteenth charity event, 2 million 269 thousand rubles were received on the settlement account of the children’s city hospital. These funds made it possible to provide medical care to 40 children with severe diseases of the central nervous system and musculoskeletal system, liver, diabetes mellitus, congenital malformations of internal organs, oncological and genetically determined diseases, diseases of the hearing organs.
As part of the 15th charity event, as of May 15, 806 thousand rubles were received.

The chief doctor of the children’s city hospital, Viktor Kuvikov, reported on how the first 750 thousand rubles will be spent. – how they will help the first 10 young patients (all these children are disabled). According to him, some of them will receive this assistance in the coming days.

Viktor Kuvikov and the head of the city health department Tatyana Podlesnaya also answered questions from the chairman of the city Duma – the head of the city of Taganrog Inna Titarenko, the chairman of the Rostov regional public organization of the disabled “Vozrozhdenie” Alla Sugonyaeva, as well as the journalists present at the event.

Thus, the chief physician of the children’s city hospital noted that although the amount of money collected during the campaign has been declining from year to year, it is not worth dramatizing the situation. Because if at first the main part of the transferred funds was directed to emergency high-tech expensive operations, today such operations are carried out according to federal quotas. Accordingly, now charitable assistance goes mainly to rehabilitation. Fortunately, we already have rehabilitation centers of the highest level in Russia, so parents do not need to travel far with an unhealthy child. So, Inna Titarenko spoke highly of the Health Center Social Enterprise operating in our city.

The charity event “Under the Flag of Good” continues. Everyone can take part in it. To do this, it is enough to transfer any amount to a charitable current account, which is opened in the children’s city hospital, or to deposit funds in the health insurance fund.

Earlier we said that in Taganrog completed renovation on the main street cities.


Photo by Sergey Plishenko.