Acting Governor Pavel Malkov spoke about the main focuses of the new regional development strategy

On Friday, May 13, the Acting Governor of the Ryazan Region, Pavel Malkov, told reporters about the main focus of the new regional development strategy. Earlier, at a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Pavel Malkov said that the development of a development strategy would be one of the first issues that he would deal with in his new post.

“We need to understand in general which industries and areas will bring money to the region. What can we produce. What services to provide. Now, of course, the time is not easy, but it also provides a large number of opportunities.

The emphasis, of course, will be on the strengths of the region. These are industry, agriculture, tourism, construction sector, innovative technologies. And in general – on the most favorable conditions for attracting investments and developing territories. Including the formation of a comfortable living environment,” Pavel Viktorovich said.