Acting Governor Pavel Malkov held a meeting of the regional government

On Friday, May 13, Acting Governor Pavel Malkov held a meeting of the government of the Ryazan region.

The implementation of the plan to ensure the sustainable development of the region in the face of sanctions continues. The meeting participants approved several bills that will help the Ryazan business in these conditions.

Now entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to receive a deferral of payment of rent for the use of state property. Also, subsidies for 100 million rubles are allocated for the additional capitalization of the regional fund for supporting small businesses. The money will come from the regional budget.

They also talked about the redistribution of funds from the program “Social and economic development of settlements.” The extra money will be used to pay Ryazan residents who are going to gasify their homes. This payment will be a one-time payment. The funds will also be provided for pre-project work on the construction of a clinic in Dashkovo-Pesochnya. Recall that in the area of ​​Pesochenskaya and Serezhina Gora streets, they are going to build a polyclinic department of hospital No. 11.

“In addition, it is planned to allocate additional funds for the development of vocational education, as well as for the construction of an educational building of a boarding school in the village of Lesnoye Konobeevo, Shchatsk district,” the press service of the regional government added.