Acting Governor of the Ryazan Region Pavel Malkov presented awards on the eve of International Family Day

On Friday, May 13, Acting Governor of the Ryazan Region Pavel Malkov presented regional awards to Ryazan families. The celebration took place on the eve of the International Day of the Family, which is celebrated on May 15.

The heads of families with many children, as well as families with talented children, were awarded the Badges of Honor of the Governor of the Ryazan Region “For Faith and Virtue”, as well as diplomas and “Recognition” awards.

“A strong and friendly family means support, care, a reliable rear, love and understanding. It is a source of strength and inspiration. And, of course, the family is our children, our happiness and our future. I know this firsthand, I myself have two beautiful children, whom I simply adore, – said Pavel Malkov. “But there are families here in this room today who deserve a special word of thanks. They can serve as an example for those who are just about to have their own children. You bring up wonderful children, excellent students, winners of various creative competitions, sports competitions. I am sure that in the future they will bring the same values ​​that you instill in them now into their families.”

Pavel Malkov also emphasized that strengthening traditional family values ​​is not just an honor, it is also an important state task.

“President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin sets serious tasks for the regions in this direction. Today, the focus is on the protection of motherhood, childhood, families with children. This is also expressed in support measures that should help families look to the future with confidence. This is important because you are the future of our country,” the Acting Governor of the Ryazan Region emphasized.