Acting Governor of the Ryazan Region Pavel Malkov launched the official Telegram channel

On Friday, May 13, at a briefing in the Government of the Ryazan region, journalists asked Acting Governor Pavel Malkov if he plans to use social networks in communicating with the population. Also, due to the fact that four telegram channels on behalf of Pavel Malkov appeared on the Internet the day before, media representatives clarified whether at least one of them is real?

“I have already said that Ryazan met me very cordially, I feel help and support literally at every step. But sometimes this help takes a somewhat hypertrophied form. In particular, unknown “well-wishers” really started four telegram channels at once on my behalf. But among them there is not a single one of my real channels, ”said Pavel Malkov.

He also added that all the information from these channels, all the problems that residents wrote about in them, will be used in his work as head of the region.

“The only thing that upset me a little was spelling errors in supposedly my texts,” Pavel Viktorovich added. — Colleagues with whom I used to work know how sensitive I am to the Russian language. As for the use of modern communications, we will certainly use them. It is very important for me to know how people live in the region, what worries them, what problems they see and what proposals they have for the development of the region.”

Started working the same day. official telegram channel Acting Governor of the Ryazan Region Pavel Malkov.