The city should follow the treasure of Jarom in the Nchod region, where the deputy voted to remove the statues of the same height, said Kotyk.

Ji Hjek (STAN), a deputy and deputy, recently proposed the removal of the statue to a municipal council. His proposal will be discussed by a panel of experts.

We will take this view from the annexation of Crimea in 2014. Let’s see if there will be political political implications before the municipal elections, politicians will be afraid not to drink for the left-wing elections, Kotyk said.

In connection with the Russian military aggression on Ukraine, some cities in the Czech Republic are considering removing the monument of the past. It was decided by Jaro, who wants to get rid of the Red Army statue from 1981 by the end of the year. The town hall mainly grows it in the Josefov fortress.

I suggested a compromise so that no one would accuse me of wanting to be smart. Given the status of an empty grave, it would be logical to place it in the town cemetery, where perhaps the horse would stand in the right place, said Kotyk.

The memorial from 1957 depicts a Red Army man holding a weapon and a two with raised arms, in which the grief. According to Kotyek, there are pioneers and dr. This lost the status of memory.

Souso s rudoarmjcem stands at Tyrovy sad in the capital of the Republic and expresses gratitude to the liberators.

The totalitarian regimes, the Nazis and the communists considered the capital of the Republic to be their cult space, if we left all their estates there, a strange open-air museum would be created there, said Kotyk.

For example, there was once a large statue of Vladimir Ilya Lenin in front of the theater in front of the republic. The Germans also had money there in the 1940s.

The removal of the local statue has been repeatedly debated in Pardubice. Pedadul led the town hall discussed this before the reconstruction of Tyrov orchards. Historians and the public opposed it this time.

In 2017, the architects Josef Pleskot and Petr Veteka, who proposed the reconstruction of zmku, wanted to move the monument. Statue of Toti Brno looking into the escape.