There are rumors that the wife of King Felipe VI, queen letiziawould be going through a series of complexes that cause insecurities when being in public.

Queen Letizia of Spain is a person who has many followers worldwide because her attitude and humility towards the Spanish people is highly admired by all, in addition, the queen also has personal projects such as the reuse of old clothes dress in order to avoid excessive buying, and thus be able to reduce the environmental damage caused by textile companies.

The Queen of Spain is also known for her great beauty and care for her 50 years oldSince she stays in good shape thanks to a good diet and good nutrition, she also does physical activity and does beauty sessions to stay beautiful, as some call her. Although Queen Letizia is known for her beauty, there are rumors that he suffers in silence due to some personal complexes that he prefers to hide from the public.

The website TIMEX of according to some Spanish fashion mediareveal that one of the queen’s complexes is that don’t like your kneesSince every time she has public events she always wears a long dress or long skirts to hide that part of her body, another complex would be the height Due to this the queen is always seen wearing high heels, and there are rumors that according to this the queen has developed a disease in her feet due to the excessive use of this type of shoes.

Although Queen Letizia is someone important to royalty, for some it is hard to believe that a person with so much power currently has so many complexes, even knowing that this world is recognized for being inclusive.