If you want to form the first opinion about a person, look at his house. Worldly wisdom works especially well with famous personalities who are used to surprise, delight and shock. As a rule, stars participate in design development in the most active way to emphasize their unique taste. Today we will visit our brightest media personalities – their home is a match for the heroes.

Anastasia Volochkova – a house like the Bolshoi Theater

The three-story castle of the famous ballerina inside resembles the Bolshoi Theater – it is just as luxurious and large-scale. There was a place for a chic marble staircase, huge chandeliers, curtains and many mirrors. The solemn interior of the mansion emphasizes the “golden” design. Brocade decoration, natural wood and marble floors clearly hint that the owner of the mansion gravitates towards luxury and does not hide it. Numerous portraits of the hostess, which are hung on the walls, deserve special attention.

Anastasia Volochkova

Ksenia Sobchak – intelligent interior

The design of Ksenia Anatolyevna’s house can be called thoughtful, original and multifunctional. The house is fully consistent with its owner: you can not only relax in it, but also work on new projects. All interior items and accessories in their places. From a professional point of view, one can definitely talk about an expensive design, while not looking defiant.

House of Ksenia Sobchak

Yana Rudkovskaya – the abode of brands

Yana Rudkovskaya loves to emphasize her status by any means, and her home was no exception. Antique figurines, antique vases, unique dishes, collections that the producer is going to pass on to his children – these are just a few of the attributes that speak of Rudkovskaya’s high standards.

Famous breakfasts at home in Rudkovskaya

In her mansion you can find a lot of gold, pompous accessories and a lot of things from Baccarat and Lalique.

Yana Rudkovskaya

Nikolai Baskov – golden mansion

The golden voice of the stage loves royalty. By visiting him, you can go straight to France of the 18th century, and to the local monarch. The gold prevailing in the interior blinds the eyes. Huge paintings in solemn frames, shining chandeliers, a black piano – the view of the mansion inside speaks for itself. The owner of the house loves luxury in all its manifestations. By the way, the “imperial” design of the Basques is due to Valentin Yudashkin, who had a hand in creating the interior.

Nikolai Baskov’s cat – Chanel, mistress of the house

Timati – contemporary art gallery

The singer is known for his love of luxury, which could not but be reflected in the interior of his house. The main feature of the design of the apartment is the skillful combination of beauty and functionality.

The interior can definitely be called stylish, fashionable and definitely unique, because it contains a collection of contemporary art objects, which the artist has been collecting for 10 years. Timati admits that his house is not just a place of rest, here he is not only restored, but also energized by art objects.

Alexander Osipov, concept maker, free space designer, architect.

Alexander Osipov, architect