On the eve of Victory Day, assistants to the State Duma Deputy from United Russia Abdulkhakim Gadzhiev Elvira Gyulmagomedova and Zumurut Gadzhakaeva visited the veteran of the Great Patriotic War Mutsalkhan Alievich Mutsalkhanov.

Mutsalkhan Alievich, 98, who lives in the village of Sultanyangiyurt, is the only surviving veteran of the Great Patriotic War from the Kizilyurt region.

Zumurut Gadzhakayeva and Elvira Gyulmagomedova congratulated Mutsalkhan Alievich on the upcoming holiday and presented him with flowers, fruits and sweet treats on behalf of the parliamentarian. The deputy’s assistants expressed the most sincere words of gratitude to the veteran’s family, wished them long life and a peaceful sky above their heads.

Mutsalkhanov was called to the front at the age of 19, fought through half of Europe, and met the victory in Germany, participated in the liberation of Moldova, Romania, Yugoslavia, Hungary and Austria.

Mutsalkhan Alievich was awarded the Order of the Patriotic War II degree, numerous medals for military merit and a medal for courage and was one of the soldiers who defended Soviet Ukraine from the Nazi invaders.
The veteran, together with assistants to the deputy, was visited by the head of the department of culture, physical culture and sports, tourism and youth policy of the Kizilyurt district Magomedrasul Abdulakhidov and others.