The problem is obvious. Even though the standard should be one contact center per hundred thousand inhabitants, the million-strong Prague has three of them.

And one of them, run by the non-profit Progressive, must end within six months after the Prague 5 City Hall, led by Mayor Renáta Zajíčková, terminated its contract.

What will happen? Ninety clients a day who go to Progressiv will have to choose between the two remaining centers. One is at the main station, the other is near Anděl near Na Skalce park. According to a Progressive employee, that’s where drug addicts head.

“I feel sorry for my colleagues over the hill. All our clients will move to them. And they already have enough of their own problems.” the young woman shrugged when we asked her.

We are talking about the Sananim contact center, which is already being attacked by dozens, maybe hundreds of drug addicts every day. But it is certainly not only local workers who are afraid of the future.

“Gentlemen, you don’t even know how scared I am of what’s coming our way. Look how it looks here already. Those people (addicts) they come here and there under our windows, they make a mess. And now more are flocking here to us,” an elderly lady who noticed their interest in Sanani shouted at the editors of Expres from the first floor window.

The Sananim contact center is located in the building opposite Na Skalce park.

It is this local woman who has the events of the contact center in the palm of her hand. Sananim resides on the ground floor of the house he has lived in for many years, with a window directly above him.

“It’s sad what we live in here. When I moved here, this wasn’t here. It was a quiet neighborhood, lucrative. How did they build this Sananim here, everything went to hell. But unfortunately we have to get used to it, because there is nothing else left for us.” described the lady sadly.

Sananim Contact Center

From the beginning, she said, she tried to solve the desperate situation. She called politicians, wrote articles for newspapers.

“Also, every now and then I went downstairs to ask them to settle the clients down a bit. But it wasn’t worth it, now I don’t deal with it anymore. Sometimes they smoke weed under my windows, so I just lean out of the window and yell at them to go away, that I’m a non-smoker. I have to say, most of the time these people really do go around the corner.” she appreciated at least.

Junkie Katka with friends just a few streets from Sanani

The lady, who lived in the USA during the previous regime and returned only after the revolution, is said to be definitely not bored in the district. One of the local pubs is said to be selling drugs in bulk as under the counter. It is said that this also attracts drug addicts.

“And former mayor Pavel Bém sometimes comes here to watch. He founded Sananim, it is his work. It amazes me that he comes in a different car every time,” asked the contact center’s neighbor.

The chapter in itself is Na Skalce park, which stands in front of Sananim. It looks relatively well maintained. There is a children’s playground at the top, next to which there is a police car.

“Fucking shit,” relieves the junkie who is just coming from the park to Sanani in an obviously dazed or at least inebriated state.

“But otherwise, the city district takes good care of the park, unlike others in the vicinity. Children’s laughter can be heard from there until dark, it’s pleasant. I have to say, there aren’t even syringes lying around here.” the lady is looking for at least something positive about the situation.

However, not everything can be as it seems at first glance. The Express went to Na Skalce Park to inspect the terrain, and what we saw there will shock you. More soon in the next report.