A woman who did not know she was pregnant complained of back pain and suddenly gave birth

Resident Scotland, Great Britain, who did not know she was pregnant, went to the hospital complaining of back pain and suddenly gave birth to a child. About it reports Daily Record.

Pet shop employee Seira Sutherland, 24, from Thurso, said she was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome as a teenager. The woman knew that due to pathology she might never have children. Despite this, she regularly used protection during sex with her partner.

At the end of November 2022, Seira began to complain of back pain. When discomfort also appeared in the ribs, the woman went to the emergency room. Doctors prescribed her painkillers and sent her home. However, Seira was forced to return to the hospital when her condition worsened. Doctors took tests from the patient, and after some time they reported that she was pregnant. “I thought the result might be a false positive due to my syndrome. And if I was pregnant, I was in the early stages. I was more concerned about the pain I was experiencing,” she recalls.

Seira said that for a long time doctors could not find out the cause of the symptoms and continued examinations. The next day, a nurse was taking a swab from the woman when she saw the baby’s head and realized she was in labor. Doctors rushed Seira to the maternity ward. The woman admits that at that moment she was worried about the health of the newborn, as she lifted weights and drank alcohol during pregnancy. Despite Seira’s fears, she gave birth to a healthy 4.4 kilogram baby girl, named Amelia.

According to the woman, only a week after the birth of the child did she realize that she had become a mother. “I have never taken a pregnancy test, nor have I suffered from morning sickness. The size of my abdomen did not change in any way, and I did not have any pain until the birth. “For nine months I had no idea that I was pregnant,” she says. Seira added that now one-year-old Amelia is growing up as a happy and healthy child.

Previously reportedthat in the UK, a mother of two who did not suspect she was pregnant suddenly gave birth to a boy. The British woman’s husband said that in the last months before giving birth, her belly barely grew, so they didn’t even think about a possible pregnancy.

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