A woman showed a creepy toy found in the forest and puzzled netizens

User Reddit showed a creepy toy her daughter found in the forest. The photograph of the find puzzled many netizens.

“My daughter found this strange toy in the forest,” the woman captioned the post. The author attached a photo to the publication showing a Disney princess. Ariel with hooves, a green tail and red horns.

In the comments under the post, users called the toy ugly. “It’s that toy you throw away and somehow ends up back in your house,” one commenter joked. “Even though you’ve moved at least twice since you dumped her,” another added. Some users also recommended that the author of the post stay away from the forest in which her daughter found the toy.

Former Reddit user discovered photo of a newspaper ad offering to buy a Vietnamese girl. The message about people being sold also puzzled many commentators.

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