CNN Prima NEWS was the first to report on the case. The whole case began last summer, when the man mysteriously got lost. However, according to the police, the couple had an argument and the woman killed the man.

“In the second half of October last year, we initiated criminal proceedings on suspicion of committing a particularly serious murder crime, which took place in August of the same year in one of the municipalities in the Českolipsko region. The result of the family quarrel was the death of one of the partners who succumbed to the injuries caused by his life partner at the scene, “said police spokesman Vojtěch Robovský.

The woman then got rid of her body in a curious way. “She should have killed and quartered him,” the television quoted one of the neighbors as saying. “She should have burned it,” another neighbor adds. However, the police did not comment on this.

Television managed to film part of the murder reconstruction. The shots show a woman in a so-called bear, ie handcuffs with a belt around her body. The woman led the policemen into the garden, pulled a wheel from the woodshed, and drove it back to the front of the house. She just needed a wheel to get rid of her body.

“She covered her tracks by removing her limbs from her body and burning him in the garden,” says Karolína Francová, a spokeswoman for the Regional Court in Liberec.

During the reconstruction, the woman led the investigators to a part of the garden, where, according to local police officers, they had been digging and looking for something in the past.

The neighbors could see that the woman had been burning something in the garden for several days. It was supposed to be when the husband disappeared. She even reportedly warned the neighbors of the impending burning.

“For example, she burned all day and said that she was throwing a brothel at her parents and that it would stink,” recalls one of the neighbors. “But I don’t want to believe that a 75-year-old woman can do that,” he adds.

The woman was subsequently troubled by her conscience and eventually confided in one of her neighbors. They then informed the police, who subsequently accused the woman of murder.

“She pleaded guilty to the court. She said that the act was committed in affect and that she intended to report it, but she gathered the courage to do so, “Francová mentions.

The district court sent the woman into custody. But she didn’t stay in it for long, as she filed a complaint and the court granted her. “It cannot be inferred from the mere fact that the lady smoothed the traces that she would also try to escape. He cooperates in clarifying criminal activity and generally regrets the crime, “adds Francová.

The woman now faces ten to eighteen years in prison for a particularly serious murder crime.