A tourist with a rare disease ended up in a “hellish” hospital in Thailand and did not survive

A British tourist with a rare blood disease ended up in a “hellish” hospital Thailand during vacation and did not survive. The publication shared details of his story Daily Mail.

It is specified that 41-year-old Dean Penson came to Phuket with friends in early November 2023 and felt unwell. He was rushed to the hospital, where the traveler had to undergo blood transfusions about 20 times. In addition, the Briton was faced with terrible living conditions, noting that needles and syringes were lying on the floor of the ward.

Soon, Penson’s friends raised money to take him home, but at the Essex hospital, doctors stated that the man could not survive. The doctors did not specify what disease Dean was suffering from.

Previously a tourist from Australia hit in a car accident on Bali. He said that as a result of the accident, his arm was “blown into pieces” and it was “hanging behind his back like a rope.”

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