A tourist vacationed at a resort in Russia and described it with the words “decay and hopelessness”

The traveler was on vacation in Novorossiysk and complained about rotten food in one of the local hotels. In conversation with the portal “The subtleties of tourism” she described her impressions with the words “decay and hopelessness.”

Tourist Anna Dove said that a vacation at a resort in southern Russia from December 31, 2022 to January 5, 2023 cost 16 thousand rubles for two adults and a child. Breakfast was included in the package. “I think it’s inexpensive,” a reader of the publication expressed her opinion.

At the same time, the food at the hotel disappointed the Russian woman. “Once they gave me buns in a package. They were green underneath, with the usual mold,” she explained. “Our last breakfast was the most memorable – the cutlets were rotten.”

According to the tourist, she complained to the administrator about the poor quality of the food, but they did not believe her: “Alas, it all ended in lost nerves and my tears.”

The Sochi native called Novorossiysk itself “a little depressing.” “Sometimes you feel a kind of decay and hopelessness when you walk along its streets,” concluded Anna Dove.

Previously, another Russian woman let’s go to Novorossiysk and described her vacation with the phrase “they don’t like tourists here.” She added that the port city has dirty water that smells bad, as well as heavy traffic jams.

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