A tourist described a trip on a boat in a Russian village with the phrase “children in tears”

A Russian woman with her children went on a boat trip through the beautiful places of the village of Shiryaevo Samara region and was disappointed. She shared her impressions with the portal “Subtleties of Tourism”, her review was published on the platform “Zen”.

The author of the review complained that there was a huge queue when the ship arrived, there were few seats, and the heat on board was unbearable. Moreover, at the stopping place there were no places for children, no sun loungers, no shade where one could hide from the scorching sun.

According to the tourist, on the way back the weather changed for the worse: it began to rain heavily. “The ship was rocking, like on a swing, from side to side. The waves were big. The children on the ship were simply bursting into tears from fear,” she used these phrases to describe her trip along the river in the Russian region.

The author added that she got seasick on board, but there was no first aid kit or medical worker on the ship; fellow travelers came to help.

“Take note: be sure to take anti-sickness medications, plenty of water and food on such trips,” the Russian woman warned.

Previously another tourist rested V Novorossiysk and complained about rotten food in one of the local hotels. The woman described her impressions with the words “decay and hopelessness.”

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