A tourist caught in a wave can no longer feel her legs and is stuck in a foreign country

British tourist on holiday Cape Verde with her boyfriend, got hit by a large wave on the beach and stopped feeling her legs. This is reported by The Mirror.

It is clarified that 20-year-old Charlene Edwards went waist-deep into the sea with a young man, Callum Aston. Suddenly the couple was covered by a wave, which carried the girl far from the shore. When Aston managed to pull the girl out, he realized that she had injured her legs. About three hours passed before the ambulance arrived at the scene and the tourist was taken to the hospital.

The medical institution noted that to determine an accurate diagnosis, it is necessary to undergo an MRI examination, but this is impossible to do on the island. Since the travelers did not have time to take out travel insurance, all financial costs, including transporting Charlene to her homeland, fell on the couple. As a result, the victim was stuck in a foreign country for an indefinite period of time. Aston organized a fundraiser to help his girlfriend.

Previously Australian tourist hit in an accident at Bali and miraculously survived, breaking four bones and suffering a serious head injury. The victim needed an urgent large volume of blood transfusion.

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