Until recently, it seemed to be Ondřej Brzobohatý he will stay in check and not get involved in his ex-wife’s campaign Táni Kuchařová. But in the end he was provoked by the model and thus started a public battle, which is eventually taken away mainly by his new girlfriend. Daniela Písařovicová. Although she can only observe it from a distance, she plays a major role in the attacks from Tanya. The sexy blonde came up with the claim that Daniela had a relationship with Ondřej when the couple was trying to have a baby.

“Being with Daniela has been on the air for a long time, I didn’t miss it either. The fact that they started together and moved their relationship to a completely different level soon after we were very fresh after the renewal of the church and we were working on the family at the time is just a fact, that’s right. “ the model said.

And that was the last straw for the musician. Although he was tactfully silent until then and seemed overwhelmed, in the end he also got involved in public laundry and did not take napkins.

“Crisis, separation, divorce, it is always a failure of both partners. There are no winners or losers in it. Finding the culprit or playing the victim is as desperate and embarrassing as defending oneself against false accusations. That’s why I’ve been silent for so long. However, Tatiana’s situation exacerbated the situation to a state where I have to speak back. Daniela only started to get closer to me, that is, to the divorcing and subsequently divorced man, during this year, “ wrote on Instagram Ondra.

Daniela is not indifferent to the people who follow this triangle and some of them are starting to venture into it on Instagram, the moderator is currently reflecting the attacks with honor and exaggeration. However, because of her work as a journalist at DVTV, she could not act otherwise, as she would attract bad attention, which would definitely reduce her credit. Therefore, the question is whether this enormous pressure, which is being exerted on her by both Tanya and the people who go into it, can withstand and not reject the relationship in order to keep her calm and not be pulled by the mud.

After all, she never commented on her privacy, nor will you see anything on Instagram that would expose her more than she would like. How does she fit in with the new role of wanting to break up a marriage, which Kuchařová accused her of?

Daniela Písařovicová and Ondřej Gregor Brzobohatý in the show Incognito

And even if that’s true, we remember the days when the Gregorians both shouted how they didn’t need anything tabloid in their lives, because they only go to the salon performance of an artist and a model who do serious and socially beneficial things.

But as soon as the first problem appeared in the form that they were apart, Kuchařová did not come down from the screen of the social show on Prima, and tabloid practices now use both of them. It is probably understandable that Ondřej Brzobohatý had a need to defend his new girlfriend, no one can blame him.

“For a long time, I just gritted my teeth quietly, given the nice thing in our relationship. But I just have enough. Unlike my ex-wife Tatyana, I do not seek the attention of the boulevard so that I can subsequently spread lies and demagoguery in it, which would denigrate others and portray me in a better light in the eyes of the public. Why is Tatiana doing this? I do not understand. The facts are clear, namely that divorce papers have been on the table since August last year, I have lived alone since September and no one else has ever been the cause. “ Brzobohatý said on Instagram.

It is so that in order to promote their charities or musicals, one Brzobohatý is preparing now, they need the same social media, because they will not be written about in the Financial Times, and they also record in the media by what is happening on social networks, especially Kuchařová who is really starting to not see into her mouth. The longer this agony lasts, the more the public will benefit from it.

Daniela Písařovicová and Ondřej Gregor Brzobohatý went to Petr Janda’s birthday party together.

It wouldn’t be so surprising if Písařovicová, who always stood by the social media, eventually banged on the table and it would have a negative effect on her new partnership. It is good to overcome the unpleasant things about the ex-wife at the beginning, but it is also important to keep in mind that a musician and a model are expected to have a certain social interest, while a serious media journalist no longer has to. Písařovicová is supposed to present the public interest in information, not the main character in the collapsed love triangle, into which she was drawn against her will as an evil queen, Kuchařová should also think about that.

Although her outrage and betrayal of a failed marriage can be understood, it is never fair to point the third from the end of the relationship, so her anger should be directed only at her ex-husband and not at the one that replaced her. Getting into such a complicated relationship, where the two divorce, is not easy for anyone and the blame lies primarily with those who have failed to maintain their marriage, the third or the third, whether a man or a woman, is only a product of something that obviously didn’t work.

So everyone should start with their own conscience, not the conscience of a new partner.

Daniel’s relationship with Ondra is still flourishing, she goes out with her friends, they look in love, but doesn’t the instinct of self-preservation win over her and she won’t want to back off? One thing is clear, if this ruthless struggle withstands their love, nothing can divide them anymore.