January 8, 2023, 10:33 – Public News Service – OSN

Promoter Sergey Lavrov, in an interview with KP, spoke about the fate of the inheritance of the Russian artist Boris Moiseev, who also owned a three-room apartment in Jurmala.

“A strange story came out with the legacy of Boris Moiseev,” the source said.

According to him, during his lifetime, the artist bequeathed them to singer Kristina Orbakaite. However, after the death of the showman, a “surprise” awaited her: the property was recorded on its director Sergei Gorokh.

At the same time, Lavrov noted that now it is immovableWithThis celebrity has fallen in price and also has large utility bills. In addition, you will have to pay high taxes to enter into an inheritance.

“Seryozha Gorokh is unlikely to be able to profitably sell this apartment, he will spend more on paying bills for maintaining the apartments,” Lavrov summed up.

The previously well-known lawyer Alexander Dobrovinsky decided to help Boris Moiseev’s brother Marx Tolkach in the inheritance case, because he found out “some story”. Read more about this in material Public news service.