SafeTech, a Skolkovo resident, received a patent from the Eurasian Patent Office for a technology for confirming user transactions in digital channels, which underlies the PayControl mobile authentication and electronic signature platform, the Skolkovo press service reports; solutions is the only one on the Russian market, the report says.

SafeTech was the first in Russia to transfer an electronic signature to a mobile phone, creating an analogue of a USB token. The PayControl mobile electronic signature is created by cryptographic transformations of the signed information (details of a specific financial transaction or electronic document) in combination with the unique characteristics of a particular smartphone.

For companies and their clients, the PayControl solution allows you to confirm a request for banking transactions, onboard new clients and carry out a multi-factor authentication procedure, create and sign electronic documents, record the facts of receiving or familiarizing yourself with certain information.

SafeTech technology is designed to develop secure remote banking and dramatically improve the security of digital channels, whether it be mobile and Internet banking or other digital channels where additional authentication is required. It uses algorithms that protect any user operations, counteracting fraudulent schemes: interception of one-time confirmation codes in SMS and push notifications, the use of malicious software on computers and mobile devices, social engineering and phishing, the report says.