Actress Brigitte Bardot became famous for her sensual look and rich mane of blonde hair.

Model, actress and inventor

For a while, Bardot even had her own fashion label, so her style was in demand. She also became the muse of brands Dior, Balmain and Pierre Cardin. She also applied her acting talent in the field of fashion – here and there she was a nice girl in a dress with flowers, but sometimes she could also play dominoes in black leather and Musketeers.

However, her wardrobe was dominated by classic balloon dresses, sheath dresses, blouses with bows or frills, well-fitting jackets and trousers, in short, everything you would imagine under the term French elegance. In fact, Bardot is one of its inventors.

Brigitte Bardot (87)

  • A native of a wealthy Parisian family, she was led to a career as a ballet dancer as a child, but at the age of fifteen she began to work occasionally as a model.
  • She appeared in Elle magazine twice in a row, which brought her the first acting offers.
  • She played iconic roles in the films …and God Created a Woman (1956), Contempt (1963) and Rum Boulevard (1971).
  • In 1973, she got tired of her career as an actress, since then she has been an activist fighting for animal rights and against Muslim immigrants in France.