In Russia, they are developing the My Housing service, which will allow real estate transactions to be carried out without bureaucratic delays. The Ministry of Digital Development of Russia together with Rosreestr are creating a single online environment for all market participants: buyers, sellers, online ad aggregators, developers, banks and government agencies.

Users of public services will be able to place advertisements for the sale of housing on Internet portals, confirming the rights to it online according to the USRN. Buyers will be able to quickly find out all the important information to avoid risks: check the presence of encumbrances, information about registered residents, the presence of arrears in paying utility bills and other parameters.

The seller and the buyer will be able to conclude a deal completely online. With the help of a special constructor, it will be possible to draw up a contract of sale, mortgage or equity participation in the forms developed by Rosreestr. The strengthened qualified electronic signature in Goskeych mobile application will become available to users.

“The services implemented by the Ministry of Digital Development allow citizens not to waste time on solving bureaucratic issues. Buying an apartment is one of the most difficult and responsible life situations. Thanks to the My Housing super service, citizens will be insured against errors and legal risks when conducting real estate transactions, and will also have the opportunity to go through the transaction process online with minimal contact with government agencies,” Dmitry Oguryaev, Deputy Head of the Ministry of Digital Development of Russia, comments on the innovation.