A woman alerted dispatch about the missing senior citizen, her father-in-law, on Monday before 23:00. According to her, the 81-year-old man went for his traditional afternoon walk around two in the afternoon, which should have lasted about three hours.

“Unfortunately, the man did not have a mobile phone with him, which would have made it easier to find him. In addition, we found out that the man suffers from Alzheimer’s disease and he alternates between better and worse days, he sometimes has trouble orienting himself in time and space, and to top it all off, he is diabetic and did not have any medication with him,” said police spokesperson Dita Holečková.

The operational officers therefore organized a search operation, in which all available patrols were involved, including dog handlers and a police helicopter with thermal imaging.

“The police officers divided their work, searched the residence of the missing person and called the classic round to hospitals or the city police. They also verified train and bus stations,” said Holečková.

The man was finally found at two o’clock in the morning precisely thanks to a helicopter with thermal imaging. “Someone’s sitting in the canola field near the gas station,” came the police radio. However, the helicopter could not land here, so he guided the police from the nearby forest.

“They arrived at the missing man in a while and confirmed his identity. The senior communicated with the police, but the emergency services were also called to be sure,” added Holečková.