A section of the road near the village of Davydovo, Klepikovo district, will be repaired using a new technology

According to the Directorate of Roads of the Ryazan Region, the section of the Moscow-Yegoryevsk-Tuma-Kasimov road near the village of Davydovo will be overhauled under the Safe High-Quality Roads national project. The length of the section is 5,938 km.

The repair was made possible thanks to additional support from the federal center. The road near Davydov has long been in need of repair. It had potholes, cracks, the coating sagged in some places. 300,045,621 rubles were allocated to eliminate all these problems. The contracting organization Ryazanavtodor JSC will be engaged in the repair.

A section of the Yegoryevskoye highway will be repaired using the 3D design technology using the Superpave method. Thanks to it, the road surface will be more wear-resistant, its service life will increase significantly. In addition, this technology is completely import-independent – only domestic materials are used for repairs.

“The uniqueness of the method lies in the special technology for developing the recipe and the use of a special brand of bitumen. The composition and proportions of the components are selected for the current climatic conditions and vehicle load, ”the Ministry of Transport said.

For laying a new type of asphalt, a section of the road in the Klepikovo district was not chosen by chance. Egoryevskoye Highway connects Moscow and Kasimov and is part of the backbone network of the region.

As noted in the Ministry of Transport, the foundation of the road will be strengthened by cold regeneration. This will allow the road to be repaired using the old asphalt pavement as a component of the new one.

The repair of the Egoryevskoye Highway section should be completed by the end of October.