In recent weeks, the youngest member of the musical group of kpop, bts, jungkook has been being harassed by a fan who doesn’t have very good intentions.

sasaeng‘ is the term that has been decided to give to the fans or followers who are obsessive, compulsive who harass and destroy the security and privacy of South Korean idols, are considered the lowest in the world of K-Pop for their bad intentions of destroy trust and reveal to the public the private lives of artists.

And it is that the sasaeng has shared Photographs of Jungkook where it is evident that he is invading his privacyand ensures via social networks that his phone is full of photos and videos of the young singer, who follows him everywhere and even hired professional hackers to seize the photos of the idol.

All of the aforementioned has abruptly alerted the armyand they have begun to demand that the company in charge of the BTS music band take charges in the matter and protect at all costs to Jungkook, who has recently deleted his Instagram account.

The BTS fandom has stated that this woman who has been harassing Jungkook is dangerous and fearful, as they claim, he has the means and resources to destroy the professional career of any idol he wants.