A Russian woman jumped out of an apartment window to escape women beating her

IN Karpinsk Sverdlovsk region A 47-year-old woman jumped out of a third-floor apartment to escape her attackers who were beating her. About it reported is the nephew of the victim.

His relative Larisa was lured into the apartment by a friend of her former common-law husband. When the door closed, it turned out that the sister of her former common-law husband was also in the room. Two women started beating Larisa.

“After an hour of abuse, one of the women took out a knife and promised to deal with Larisa. The only way to survive for the aunt was to jump out. Now she will have to lie bedridden and walk for several months,” said the victim’s nephew.

To escape, the woman jumped from the third floor balcony. She lay in the snow for half an hour before being taken away in an ambulance. The Russian woman is in serious condition in the hospital. She was diagnosed with a broken hip, elbow, foot and concussion.

The victim worked as a salesperson and was described by her nephew as a non-conflict person. The woman herself, who jumped out of the window, emphasized that she began receiving threats from the sister of her former partner a long time ago. In her apartment, which was locked with a key, her phone was taken away. One woman beat her, the other covered her mouth.

Previously in Tynde Amur region peers locked an eighth-grader in the room because of a guy, after which the schoolgirl decided to escape through the window

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