A Russian woman filmed a teacher dragging her two-year-old daughter by the hair.

IN Krasnoyarsk A teacher at a private kindergarten pulled a two-year-old girl by the hair. The incident was accidentally filmed by the child’s mother. reports TVK channel.

According to the woman, on the evening of November 10, she came to the “Academy of Childhood” kindergarten to pick up her daughter, who at that time remained in the institution alone with another child. The Russian woman decided to secretly film the children playing from behind the window. At this time, the teacher was sitting at her laptop and did not pay attention to the students.

The footage shows how the teacher approaches the girl, suddenly grabs her by the hair and pulls, causing the child to hit her head on the shelf. When the girl’s mother entered the kindergarten, her daughter began to cry. The Russian woman asked the teacher why she grabbed the child by the hair. In response, the teacher stated that she allegedly scattered toys, and she was tired of cleaning them up.

The girl’s mother wrote a statement to the prosecutor’s office and is going to contact the police. The kindergarten told the TV channel that the teacher was fired the next day. Before this, there had been no complaints against the teacher.

Regional Ministry of Internal Affairs reportedthat Krasnoyarsk police began an investigation after footage of physical force being used against a child appeared online. At the same time, the department reported that they had not received a statement from the child’s parents.

Previously resident Chelyabinsk accused a kindergarten teacher for abusing a six-year-old child. According to the Russian woman, her son said that the teacher forced him to eat bread from the trash can. The incident was partially captured on CCTV cameras.

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