A Russian woman described life in Cuba with the phrase “so bad it’s even good”

The Russian traveler visited Cuba and named facts about the country that surprised her. She described her impressions in her personal blog on the platform “Zen”.

“I recently came across the phrase that it’s so bad in Cuba that it’s even good,” the author noted. “And it seems that there is something in this flavor.”

First of all, the Russian woman spoke about an unusual feature – disappearing cows. According to her, until recently, they could only be raised on the island for milk, and there was a ban on slaughter. Now it has been lifted, but people are still forced to give the state most of the meat they receive. “Naturally, cow owners are not happy with this situation, so the animals periodically “disappear”,” the blogger explained.

Another thing that surprised her about Cuba was the annual migration of crabs. Every spring, land crustaceans move from the forests towards the sea to reproduce. At this time, crowds of crabs come out onto the highway and even climb into the open windows of houses.

The Russian woman also noticed that grass often burns on the roadsides in Cuba. “This is a very significant fact that perfectly describes the Cuban mentality. Why bother cutting the grass when you can just set everything on fire?” – she explained.

The blogger noticed that Cubans generally relax. People love to sit on the steps of houses or right on the sidewalks and communicate: “They pay pennies anyway, why bother.”

The same travel blogger named trip to Cuba breaks the pattern. According to her, many of the features of life there cannot be comprehended. For example, that the high prices on the island do not correspond greatly to the income level of local residents.

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