A Russian who reported rape by a woman with an ax was taken to the police

Inhabitant St. Petersburg got caught by the police for false calls – he wanted the security forces to open the door to his apartment because he had lost his keys. This is reported by “Fontanka”.

On the night of November 20, the duty station received a message from a man that he had been the victim of rape by a woman with an ax. After some time, the same citizen again called the police and reported that an explosion would occur in the house on Staro-Petergofsky Avenue in the near future.

Security forces arrived at the address and found a chilled but healthy 33-year-old local resident. He admitted that he invented the rapist with the ax and the explosion because he lost his keys and couldn’t get home.

The man was taken to the police station. He faces a fine for knowingly making a false call to emergency services.

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