A Russian went to prison in Colombia for almost two years because of gambling

The Russian left to work in Bogota and ended up in a Colombian prison for almost two years. The publication shares details of his story Baza in your Telegram channel.

According to the source, Sergei left to work in Colombia translator in 2017. After some time, he began to earn income from betting. In 2022, protests broke out in the country over the presidential elections, and, as Baza writes, the former head of state Ivan Duque Marquez began the fight against the “Russian trace”.

Then Sergei was arrested on suspicion of espionage and financing rebel actions. Although Colombian investigators did not find evidence, the Russian was not released from prison, charging him with hacking attacks and economic crimes. He has already spent about 600 days behind bars.

“I was accused of military espionage, interference in elections, financing protests. But in the materials of the criminal case against me there are only two violations of the rules on commercial sports betting sites. “I am charged with hacker articles that cannot in any way be attached to my case,” the Russian complained. “The military dragged an openly civilian man out of his house, put him in prison for a year, and is causing chaos and anarchy.”

According to the victim’s family, the Colombian authorities are keeping Sergei in custody deliberately, counting on the exchange fund. The publication also says that the Russian is tortured and kept in unsanitary conditions. Sergei’s mother adds that in Russian Foreign Ministry her son’s case is being ignored.

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