A Russian tried to pass off marijuana as roof insulation and got caught

Law enforcement officers detained a resident of the village of Tes Krasnoyarsk Territory, suspected of possession of marijuana on a particularly large scale. The man passed it off as roof insulation. The regional Ministry of Internal Affairs reported this to

Two criminal cases have been initiated against the detainee under Part 2 of Article 228 (“Illegal acquisition, storage, transportation, production of narcotic drugs”) of the Criminal Code RF. The maximum penalty under this article is ten years in prison.

According to the department, local police discovered substances of plant origin with the characteristic smell of cannabis during an inspection of the yard buildings of a 53-year-old resident. The suspect himself assured the employees that the bags contained insulation. Later, an examination showed that the detainee stored 48 kilograms of marijuana on the roofs of the garage and barn, and he himself stated that he needed all this for personal use.

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