A Russian tried dog soup in North Korea and shared his impressions

Russian travel blogger and traveler visited North Korea, tried traditional dog soup and shared his impressions. He spoke about this on his personal blog on the platform “Zen”.

“I understand that many will be outraged,” he said. “But I, as a blogger, as a traveler and as an inquisitive person, could not help but take this step. Still, it exists in the modern world, it is an element of Korean cuisine, it is part of the ethnic group of a number of peoples.”

According to the author of the publication, on the penultimate day of her stay in the DPRK, the guide announced that during lunch, as an additional option, you can try the national dog dish.

“In fact, this is an overly stereotypical idea that in Korea (both northern and southern) dogs are eaten like we eat chicken,” he added. “Although this is an element of local cuisine, rooted in the past, in today’s civilized times, dog meat has practically disappeared from the diet of local residents.”

The Russian emphasized that not every Korean catering establishment offers a dog dish. “I tried it at a tourist restaurant in Kaesong, where they only offer one dog dish: tangogi, or ‘sweet soup,’” he added.

The blogger said that they call it sweet not because of its taste. The fact is that the word “dog” in Korea in some interpretations is abusive. Therefore, to avoid double meaning, many things where the words “dog” or “canine” could be used are called differently.

“If we talk about the taste, it rather resembles something between cabbage soup and solyanka due to the use of tomato paste and a large number of vegetables,” he summed up. — If you don’t tell a person what this soup is with, he will never even think that there is some kind of “exotic” meat in it. The cost of a serving of tangoga soup is 5 euros (485 rubles).”

Earlier in November became knownthat the South Korean government, together with the ruling Civil Power party, will pass a law within a year, after which the country will stop eating and selling dog meat.

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